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Position on Standardized Testing

League has long supported high-quality public education for all, but reform measures mandating accountability based on standardized testing has harmed many public schools, students, and communities and is often a weapon used to privatize education. Unfortunately, LWVO does not have positions to address this high-stakes testing, so LWV of Greater Cleveland is proposing an update of LWVO's current positions on education standards by concurrence with positions developed by two other state Leagues: Pennsylvania and Texas.

Attached to this email are the proposed update and a couple of supporting documents. Please forward this information to your program chair and membership and consider this proposal at your program planning sessions this winter.

Test-based accountability is a concern to our League because it is a misuse of standardized tests, undermines education quality by emphasizing test results, and unfairly labels children and their schools as winners and losers despite the wide range of factors that affect test scores. We have witnessed especial harm in several high-poverty school districts within some of LWVGC's chapter areas (Cleveland, Cleveland Heights-University Heights, East Cleveland), but we know that school districts elsewhere in our county and throughout the state are also affected.

The bottom line is that while this reform was instituted to improve education, its impact has been the opposite, especially to schools serving poor populations. Those of us who believe in the common good and in public education know that, ultimately, we all suffer if we fail to provide high-quality public education to all.

We ask your membership to review this proposal in your program planning activities and consider recommending this concurrence/update in your program planning report.

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